Local Legends

For this episode of the podcast, I met with Tim, Mike, and Joe Glockner at 206 Market street.


The very same building, purchased by Bernard and Magdolina Glockner, 6 Generations ago when they began the family business.


Coming to America as humble German immigrants, they never could have fathomed their little family business would become the multi-generational success known as Glockner Enterprises, and the oldest continually owned and operated Chevrolet Dealer in the nation.


Tim Mike and Joe share what they’ve learned from there family history and mentors like Ebb and Nan Glockner, about perpetuating a successful family business to next generation.


Any entrepreneur knows that success doesn’t come without struggle, and the Glockner’s story is no exception.


Guests: Tim Glockner | Mike Glockner | Joe Glockner


Host: Connor Sherman | Brand Manager at Glockner Enterprises
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