Arriving to the US

Bernard and Leo's Census

Bernhard and Magdolina

The Hardware Store

The Death of Bernhard

The Store After Bernard

Alex and Adolf's Success

The Loss of Frank Wife

More Info on Bernhard

The Glockner Family

Ebby's Grandfather

Ebby's Father

Glockner Chevrolet

Harley Franchise

Story of Grandpa's Car

Ebby's Father Joins Military

Ebby's Mother

Ebby's Siblings

Ebby's Military Experience

Ebby's Children

The Big Family

Depression, War, 1913 Flood

Glockner Business Ethics

1937 Flood

Ebby's Growing Up

The Good Life

Bed Wetters

Uncle Charlie's Family

Uncle Adolf

Ebby Veteran Interview

Cable Company

Andy's Retirement

Glockner Family History - Full Account Told By Ebb Glockner

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